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Featured/New Websites
FY12-13 Visitor Centers - Survey tools and procedures
FY12-13 Recreation Areas - Survey tools and procedures
Harmful Algae Bloom - Blue Green Algae
Life Jacket Policy Study
Recreation Carrying Capacity
Recreation Roadmap
Recreation Strategic Plan  Corps Castle
Recreation Use Fee Waiver for Military
Security and Force Protection
Sustainability  Corps Castle

Natural Resources Management Notes

Did you Know?

  • The Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) hosts 370 million visits annually to its recreation areas.
  • USACE-managed waters provide 33 percent of all U.S. freshwater fishing.
  • 47,956 volunteers work 1.4 million hours annually at USACE projects-- providing $33 million in value of service.
  • USACE manages 12 million acres of public lands and waters nationwide.
  • A visitor to USACE recreation areas can find 55,390 miles of shoreline; 11,211 miles of trails; 90,610 camp sites and 3,672 boat launch ramps nationally.

    2014 NRM Awards (select name to learn more about winner)

  • American Recreation Coalition's Recreation Legend Award - Jude Harrington
  • Hiram M. Chittenden Award for Interpretive Excellence - Erin A. Hilligoss-Volkmann
  • Excellence in Interpretive Partnerships Award - Roanoke River Basin Association- Upper Reach
  • Natural Resources Management Environmental Compliance Employee of the Year - Robert G. Adams
  • Natural Resources Management Stewardship Employee of the Year - Brandon W. Mobley
  • Natural Resources Management Project of the Year Award - Raystown Lake
  • Natural Resources Management Recreational Employee of the Year - Melissa J. Rinehart
  • Full List Stories from Our Lakes

  • Green River Lake, Kentucky
  • Somerville Lake in East-Central Texas
  • 10 Lakes that May Surprise You
  • Bartram Trail at Thurmond Lake in Georgia and South Carolina
  • Full List


    Happenings in NRM Community
    Black Ball Recreation Strategic Plan  Corps Castle
    Black Ball 2012 Outdoor Recreation Economy National Report
    Black BallStaffing Study Results: An Analysis of Recreation Staffing and Labor Costs at Corps Projects -- A White Paper Prepared in Support of the National Recreation Road Map
    Black BallSurvey Results: Park Ranger & Visitor Safety Survey and Visitor Assistance Program Manager Survey

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    Black Ball Historical Forums
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        Black Ball REC Network (NRM Network)

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     Black Dot Image 03/25/15 - Facilitators Exchange Newsletter
     Black Dot Image 03/24/15 - Invasive Species Leadership Team: Meeting Minutes
     Black Dot Image 02/06/15 - Facilitator Exchange: Webinar
     Black Dot Image 02/04/15 - Volunteer Program: Training
     Black Dot Image 01/29/15 - Park Ranger CoP Advisory Board
     Black Dot Image 01/28/15 - Partnerships - Training
     Black Dot Image 01/16/15 - Stewardship Advisory Team Meeting Minutes
     Black Dot Image 01/16/15 - RLAT: News / Current Issues
     Black Dot Image 01/14/15 - Partnerships: October PROSPECT Course
     Black Dot Image 01/05/15 - Facilitators Exchange Newsletter
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     Black Dot Image 03/03/15 Annual Review of Project Radio Operations and Equipment for 2015
     Black Dot Image 02/19/15 Every Kid in a Park Initiative
     Black Dot Image 02/12/15 Request for Interest in a NOC for Water Safety funded Public Safety Intern - Suspense: 25 Feb 2015
     Black Dot Image 02/11/15 FY 15 Chief of Engineers Annual Natural Resources Management Awards, Suspense: 6 April 2015
     Black Dot Image 02/06/15 Nominations for Legends and Beacons Awards - Suspense 27 March 2015
     Black Dot Image 02/06/15 Announcement of Volunteer Awards
     Black Dot Image 02/06/15 Announcement of USACE Partnership Award
     Black Dot Image 01/23/15 VF Imagewear Uniform Ordering Site Is Now Open
     Black Dot Image 01/05/15 Volunteer Manager Training Modules
     Black Dot Image 12/16/14 FY 15 NRM CAP Selections
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     Black Dot Image April 2 - Webinar - Volunteer Mgmt 4-7
     Black Dot Image April 8 - Webinar - Collaborative Decision Analysis for Stakeholder Agency Engagement in Resource Management  Horseshoe Bend Case Study
     Black Dot Image April 21 - Webinar - ESA Coordination for the Duskytail Darter
     Black Dot Image April 22 - Webinar - Asian Longhorned Beetle
     Black Dot Image May 8 - Webinar - Handshake Program
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