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    Several training sessions are conducted each year in support of the NRRS™. The NRRS™ contract requires ReserveAmerica to conduct annual training sessions. These training workshops are provided to keep agency personnel, concessionaires and NRRS™ team members up-to-date and informed about NRRS™ related activities and initiatives performed by ReserveAmerica, the NRRS™ Contract Management Office (NCMO) and the agencies.

    ReserveAmerica is also required to conduct in-depth ORMS DAR and Field Manager Training to inform and up-date agency NRRS™ POC's on operational processes and procedures.

    The NRRS™ conducts a yearly Fall Forum on virtually every aspect of the NRRS™ from Call Center operations to website revisions with key personnel from the agencies and ReserveAmerica.

    The Corps conducts CATT training to update and provide the CATT members with the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to effectively and efficiently resolve hardware and software issues not supported by the reservation contract that may occur in the field.

    District training sessions are also provided to update and inform project and lake office NRRS™ POC's on the latest NRRS™ updates.

    Additional training information may be found on the, ORMS application Launch Pad, under NRRS Field Support and Marketing website (User name and Password is required):

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    Updated: February 2016