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National Sign Standards Program MCX Banner

Mandatory Center of Expertise MCX

    The new National Sign Program Manager is AJ Jensen 816-389-3840. The MCX handles questions regarding the overall program, all requests for Non-Standard Safety Signs (Danger, Warning, and Caution) and also provides engineering assistance for large waterway signs.

    For help with waterway sign construction and installation, the MCX contact is Tim Grundhoffer, 651-290-5574. Jeff Mangum, is the Chair of the Sign Advisory Working Group.

    The National Sign Standards Program MCX is authorized by its inclusion on the Corps Mandatory Centers of Expertise Website. The MCX Charter spells out the responsibilities of the MCX and the services it provides.

    The St. Paul District was originally the home of two MCXs relating to Corps signs. One of these was responsible for the sign standards program in general. The other provided engineering expertise on the construction and installation of waterway signs. The Initial Approval Request Report to combine the two MCXs was sent to HQUSACE in 1999. A Memo for Record announcing and explaining the combining of the two MCXs was distributed to district sign program managers on 1 May 2001.

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