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How to Get Involved

Project Leader Kathleen Perales


      For the Recreation program, procedures for field participation are in place. At the bottom of each topic area's cover page, the Content Subject Matter Expert (SME) is identified. If you are interested in assisting with content development for that area, contact the SME directly. If no SME is listed, there is an opportunity to volunteer for that position.

      For additional information, contact the Recreation Technical Coordinator:
      Dr. Bonnie F. Bryson
      Engineer Research and Development Center
      Phone: 304-633-0594

    Environmental Stewardship

      An Environmental Stewardship Steering Committee has been created for the NRM Gateway from the Stewardship Advisory Team. An initial listing of topic areas and priorities has been developed. So if you are interested in participating and helping develop the content, please contact your ES Technical Coordinator.

      If you are interested in participating, contact:
      Angie L. Huebner
      US Army Engineer District, Jacksonville
      Phone: 863-983-8101

    Environmental Compliance

      The Environmental Compliance Steering Committee has been established for the NRM Gateway. The EC main page, provides a entry into the EC world. There are still practices and programs that need to be populated. To get involved contact the EC Technical Coordinator. Valerie Krenicky
      US Army Engineer District, Savannah
      Phone: 912-652-5055


      For additional information, contact the Partnerships Technical Coordinator:
      Cori Brown
      US Army Engineer District, Baltimore
      Phone: 410-962-6019

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    Updated: January 9, 2004